this is a guided meditation by Todd Acamesis

You’ve got to love the comment section of YouTube, I know I do lol, like this example, which was posted on one of my guided astral projection videos…, “How am I supposed to relax with you talking all the time?”

Firstly, RUDE.

Secondly, context… this is a guided meditation, I’m supposed to be talking lol.

Thirdly, when we’re so easily irritated by little things, it’s a sign that there’s something deeper going on…

One of my favourite researchers, Brene Brown, says “that we blame when we need to discharge pain.” Which makes sense, and I agree with, but discharging our pain is not enough to end our suffering. For this, a deeper level of spiritual inquiry is necessary.

Because when we blame our discomfort on someone else, we’re literally spiritual bypassing the issue. We’re using our spiritual superiority to justify not doing the deeper emotional work on ourselves and then wondering – why we keep getting so easily triggered.

Also, for this commenter… if you’re doing a YouTube search on astral projection then you probably have the belief that you’re more than your physical body. And you’re looking for evidence to confirm what you believe… that you are a spiritual being, and not just a physical one. If you are anything like me, only an experience, your own experience, will be enough to take this from a belief, to a known. Some things in life require a direct experience, because words are just pale in comparison to the experience, and astral projection is one of those things.

And I know it’s scary. That’s why you got mad at me. It’s an awakening, it’s a re-birth into eternal life, and it’s unknown. This is not spiritual theory, this is spiritual practice. Astral virginity can be exciting, but it can also be nerve wracking.

Astral projection doesn’t just give you the means to remember that you’re a spiritual being. It means you get to visit your spiritual home in the Astral, while still incarnated here on earth.

Simply put, you’re not in Kansas anymore, and you want someone to blame, in case it all goes horribly wrong. But if you allow your anger to get the better of you then you’re missing out big time. Especially, if your anger and frustration keeps coming back, which is a good sign you’re probably spiritual bypassing.

An example of spiritual bypassing would be… you’re meditating on a daily basis as an anger management exercise, but your anger keeps coming back. This is because meditation is not going to heal the wounds inside you. It might calm the anger, but there’s a difference between calming the beast and healing the beast. And that’s usually what happens with meditation… it relaxes us…. it calms us down… it lowers our blood pressure. But if we’re not actually doing the work beyond meditating and calming ourselves down, we’re just temporarily changing our brainwaves. It’s like putting a band-aid on a wound that requires treatment and stitches. The band-aid is eventually going to fall off and reveal the emotional scar tissue, because the wound didn’t heal properly.

For healing, you want to be able to go deeper than that. You want to actually be able to do the work, so that when you’re presented with a frustrating situation. You straightaway realise, “okay, well first of all, it’s probably not this guy’s voice that’s the problem. I’m just impatient. I have a lot of anger that I’m not dealing with. I’m frustrated that astral projection just isn’t coming easily for me. I’m frustrated that this seems harder than it should be… it seems like everybody else is doing it, but it’s not happening for me.”

Learning that when we’re blaming and shaming, whether ourselves or other people, that its a form of releasing pain, is important, but learning to take responsibility for doing the inner work, is vital for not just surviving our time here in physical reality, but for thriving here…

So dig deeper and use your spiritual muscles for showing some courage. Because, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a YouTube video or something else triggering you. You have to realise that first and foremost, there’s a way to get help. And there is a way to push people away.

If you find yourself easily giving up on the things you want when the going gets tough then be courageous and be willing to take a deep moral inventory.

If you find yourself getting stuck around astral projection, here is a starting point…

Take some time to sit with each question, allowing question marks and answers to come up without judging them… just sit with them… be patient with yourself… be kind to yourself… be merciful and forgiving… and allow yourself to feel the support around you, including from me, because I’m sharing this from my heart… you’re not alone!