People are often proud of being spiritually dangerous

The Astral Planes. Few places have the power to provoke such extreme human emotions. A lot of us refuse to even talk about the Astral. Many of us fear the Astral, and most of us are homesick for the Astral.

But look at where not talking about the Astral has gotten us. Because when people do talk about it, its usually to share a bad astral experience. And they seem to take pride in scaring everyone with their stories. They show off by telling their friends stories of demons, shadow people, aliens, and conspiracies. People are often proud of being dangerous and taking risks. There often seems less shame in leading a dangerous spiritual life than admitting that our waking lives lack variety and purpose. 

The Astral is a Great Nebula of Human, and Nonhuman Colonies

With communities dotted across what seems an endless multidimensional expanse; from the great Astral Mega Cities in the “interior” with populations 10 times larger than the biggest cities here on earth, to small far flung frontier settlements on the fringes of an even wider field of consciousness.

I find real comfort in having these off-world experiences, knowing humanity extends well beyond the veil of our blue-green water world; we are but one small human colony in a vast multidimensional landscape, teaming with life of both human and nonhuman orientation. Take this recent experience as an example of life in the verse…

I woke up this morning after about 6 hours of sleep to do my Wake back to bed astral projection practice, but just didn’t feel pumped or excited… in fact, I just felt tired. There was no sign of my usual passion, which I ride like a wave into my practice session. But I’m glad I was able to recognise I’d hit a wall and push through it, which I’ll talk more about later, but right now I want to share what happened because I didn’t give up before I started by going back to bed…

So I got into my exploration alcove and knew I just needed to smash it with brute force will, which I did… after about 30-minutes of powerful energy work, which included controlled breathing, mantras, and visualisation, I absolutely smashed it with a beautiful exit from the body… I found myself pulled into an energy tunnel and zipping on my way to somewhere… within seconds I then found myself walking around a futuristic city that kind of reminded me of the environments portrayed in the film, ‘Astral City’.. sleek glass structures… hover transport system, which I was so drawn to ride, so I hopped on board at the nearest station, grabbed a seat, and rode the invisible rails…

Sitting minding my own business, a young boy who looked 10 earth years in age, called out… “you have such long legs, mister…”

In my physical body, I am 6’5″, and yes, my legs are very long… when out of body, I’m usually even taller… this is because our energy is no longer contained within a physical body based on strict dimensions… the astral body is very thought responsive… it can grow or shrink in size based on our thoughts… if I’m feeling expansive, I can easily add a few inches to my height without even thinking about it consciously…

I was sitting at a right angle to the boy with my legs pointed forward, which meant my legs intruded into his seating area…

He looked at my long legs in awe and stated emphatically… “you must be really psychic where you come from… is that how you were able to travel here because your legs are so long?”

He then held out his hands to reveal his unusually long fingers… “on my world, long fingers are a sign of psychic powers”, he said.

I looked him in the eyes with a deep knowing look as I said without moving my lips, just with telepathic thought… “you’re a very special boy to see me, because I’m not even visible to others around us”

It hadn’t dawned on him until that moment, that I was like a ghost in his reality…

We carried on telepathically chatting for a bit longer, until we got to his stop… as he stood up to leave the transport, he said to me…”I will manifest long legs and come visit you in your world someday” and waved goodbye…

It was one of the cutest astral projection experiences of my life

Life Becomes More Real Here, Because of Experiences ‘There’

I find my waking life on this level of reality is enriched beyond measure due to my journeys to these extra-physical realities. The experiences I have there, inspire me to wake-up fully here… to wake up fully here and live as my true self – not the programmed bullshit self in my head; the story our unconscious thoughts and feelings would have us believe we are.

So how did such a beautiful place get such a bad reputation? How did the astral planes fall into disrepute? How did brave, long fingered, psychic kids from far off alien worlds, get lumped in with the scum of the Multiverse?

    Travel is Fatal to Prejudice, bigotry, and Closed-Mindedness
    Mark Twain

    So what’s the truth of reality beyond the Veil?

    Well, the truth is that we lack a spiritual education, and without that education, we also lack the ability to think objectively and critically for ourselves. Without any of our own astral experiences we are forced to take other peoples experiences as gospel. Without a spiritual education we are like children, we have the willingness to explore, but have no idea where to go, how much it will cost, or what emotional and spiritual muscles will be required to get us there.

    Ignorance is expensive, not just financially, but also emotionally. Imagine a life where you never got to speak to your spirit guides, higher self or angels, never got to look your soul in the eyes, never experienced life as eternal… and you have just imagined life without the astral planes.

    People Only Talk About the Dangers of Astral Projection

    We’re so programmed to see the negative first, it’s how we’ve been indoctrinated into this level of reality, where the dominant thought system is based in fear.

    People don’t talk about the fact that the spirit realms are where angels and your own spirit guides live, or the place where “heaven” is located.

    They don’t talk about the fact you lived there before you came here.

    When you walk out your front door, do you fear you’re going to be attacked by a mugger… no? Then why think you’re going to be attacked by astral wildlife when you go out of body?

    The worlds beyond the veil, some of them can look very Earth-like, some of them will look very alien to our eyes. But all of them are basically worlds where we’ve lived before we physically incarnated here on Earth.


    So when somebody gives you a hard time about exploring the astral planes, I want you to ask yourself these questions:
    1. Am I taking advice from someone that I would go to for advice in this area?
    2. How much personal experience does this person actually have?
    3. How open-minded is this person to new experiences?