Astral Projection Teacher Todd Acamesis runs workshops in London

Astral Projection

Because the Astral Plane is not a reality in and of itself…what happens in the Astral – does not stay in the Astral. Like all spiritual practices, Astral Projection has the potential to benefit your everyday living. This Website is dedicated to supporting your Astral journeys as well as your journey through life!

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Edgar Cayce – Pioneer of the Astral Plane

Once upon a time, a great visionary said, "Each and every soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the divine." That great visionary was mystical pioneer the twentieth century, Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce has a well-earned place in the record...


I AM I AM I AM Seventeen Brushes With Death

Two remarkable poems written in the latter half of the 20th century, Wislawa Szymborska's "Could Have" and Jane Kenyon's "Otherwise", address the shadow life that presses itself against us in every living moment. It could have happened. / It had to happen; so begins...