As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
Marianne Williamson

be mindful and manifest OBE expereinces

The blocked manifestor has a delusional relationship with the world, imbuing it with a power that it doesn’t actually have. The power to control and create your life. They see the world as reality and their creative and manifestation powers as the illusion.

It is an inner journey from one synchronicity to another, in which profound understanding manifests as you are “ready” or willing to receive it. Tangled thoughts and emotions become untangled once you see them as what they truly are. Your journey from blindness to sight precedes your journey from powerlessness to powerful. In truth, it is a necessary prerequisite for it.

As you understand more deeply the roots of your darkness, you lay the foundation for the cultivation of light within. The first realization on your journey to freedom is that you have come to believe a lie. Then, through the strength of your belief in this lie, you have actually made it manifest for you.

The lie is that the belief that you are powerless has the power to comfort, nurture, and restore you to control and confidence in your life.The lie is that fear will protect you from being hurt or that if you expect the pain and defend against it, you will experience less pain when it arrives.

Your task is to dissolve the lie. Your task is to love your life and everyone in it, and this love is the birthplace of everyday miracles.

A miracle is a journey without distance from the mind to the heart. It’s a shift in our being, someone who lives in fear, to someone who resides in love.

Only love has the power to nurture, comfort and sustain you. Only love has the power to move mountains, answer silent prayers, unbreak hearts, and turn poverty into abundance.

No amount of preempting disaster will protect you from the difficult and devastating losses in life. No amount of sarcasm will save you from disappointment and pain. Fear cannot teach courage. Only love can do that. And courage is what is required in our everyday lives, and courage is the birthplace of miracles.

In giving all surrendering to a higher power, you realign the energies of your subconscious mind and astral body; you thus manifest yourself—including your daily life and experiences—back to Divine right order.

Your life is meant to be a reflection of your spirit, and both your thoughts and your reality will respond to a reminder of their ultimate perfection.

The goal of this post is to remind your consciousness of its perfection by reminding your 3D self of its perfection. By recreating one, you recreate the others.

Know that the patterns of love you are establishing now, will in time cancel out all fearful patterns that stop you from astral projecting.

Now, when I meet an accomplished astral traveler, I know that they had to conquer darkness in their journey.

Mountains do not Rise without Earthquakes

Katherine Mackenett