Once upon a time, a great visionary said, “Each and every soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the divine.” That great visionary was mystical pioneer the twentieth century, Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce has a well-earned place in the record books for remarkable men. When western culture was highly skeptical and dismissive of the paranormal, Cayce earned the respect of the hard-nosed scientific community for his extra ordinary psychic ability.

American Cayce was born in Kentucky on 18 March 1877. It was at a very early age that he discovered hypnosis and all things astral, before going on to become one of the great psychics and consciousness explorers of the 20th century. At just 6 years old, Cayce discovered his ability to “fall asleep” in front of his spelling book, waking up to knowing all the words and even where they were on the page. He baffled doctors in his early twenties, when he mysteriously lost his voice for a year and could only whisper. A local hypnotist induced Edgar into a trance state, from which Cayce’s unconscious was able to communicate, explaining that the nerves in his vocal chords were strained. Through hypnotic suggestion to increase circulation to the area, Cayce regained his voice and with it, an ability to self-induce a trance state from which he could provide readings for others.

After saving his wife Gertrude’s life, and restoring his son?s eyesight, word on Cayce’s incredible ability began to spread far and wide. It wasn’t long before he gave up his ordinary day job, as his spiritual mission became his full-time work.

From his self-hypnotic deep trance state, Cayce would answer the meaningful questions of life, on subjects as varied as wars, healing, reincarnation, Atlantis, and the future. Cayce was dubbed “The Sleeping Prophet” and earned a reputation as the most gifted seer of our time, the father of modern medicine.

Information from Cayce’s thousands of readings has been documented by an association set up for the purpose: The Association for Research and Enlightenment, formed in 1931 in Virginia Beach, USA.

How did Edgar Cayce explore the astral?

Edgar Cayce maintained that he was able to visit other dimensions, for the information he provided. He did this psychically.

He claimed anyone could do it, provided they were attuned and trained.

Cayce gave many lectures, often describing his own experience of astral travel; as a tiny dot following a beam of light, or passing up and through the beam, or as a bubble, travelling through water. This certainly fits with the description many people have of light orbs, or of being aware of spirit around water. Water is the greatest conductor of energy; it has a vibration almost as high as source energy itself. This is why we love a shower or bath so much and find it so healing. And perhaps why many children, open to spirit, are so afraid of going to the bathroom at night!

Cayce felt ?safe? travelling in his beam of light. He described passing through planes of existence he called them the lower astral planes, before ascending within a column of light, which he felt was important to stay in, finally finding himself in a hall of records. There, he could ask the old man handling the records to pass him the book of life for the person he was reading for, from the Akashic records. With some 14,000 of these experiences under his belt, it’s likely Cayce holds the record for near-death experiences in any one lifetime.

Astral travel is actually extremely common during sleep. We all pass through the astral on our way to the dream realm as we fall asleep. But we don?t always remember it, because it’s subconscious.

Discover the Key to Edgar Cayce?s Secrets

The universe according to Edgar Cayce, and the many mystics and psychics who have trodden the same pathway, is like a giant computer simulation. We are the user, the player of this super-fast game, witnessing just one perspective of every probability, all playing out at once. So yes, that?s everything that is, was and could be all happening at once.

Quantum physics agrees, saying that the universe is made up of information in the form of matter, energy and light, and that we are only the processors of this information, these endless probabilities. We can tune in to them, at will. Also, as we, too, are manifestations of universal consciousness, we actually have access to all other probabilities. Put this level of awareness into practice and life could become very interesting indeed.

This explains why psychics have the ability to see into future probabilities, but can never be 100% accurate because we all have free will, in a universe of probabilities or even possibilities. The psychic is giving you the highest probability, not mathematically but intuitively. Yet that can change, based on actions and reactions. Astral projection is very similar, in that it is a language, a way of reading and interpreting that information, held in the records.

Imagine having access to all that data, Imagine you could learn every aspect and detail of the game, through analysing all the characters, saved games and endless possibilities!

Mind boggling.

Yet this is what Cayce and his ilk have been accessing, for centuries.

And it really is something you can do, too. Perhaps not at the doff of a hat, granted. But by fine tuning body and mind to become sharp and receptive; the work of mystics, shaman, yogis, psychics and those who channel. To our ancestors, these are ordinary skills, inherent in each of us. But they enjoyed them more readily, and actually more often relied on them for survival. Our world today is very different, we are less inclined to the subtleties and nuances of these finer energies, nor do we need these instincts for survival, per se. They are considered the domain of extra ordinary people and experiences.

As a medium, channel and psychic myself, I do see clients who could be doing my work, with a little training. They could be astral travelling to their heart?s content, enjoying daily access to unseen realms and the infinite wisdom of the universe. It comes as a surprise to many, that they have even these capabilities. Many people are entrained and programmed during childhood, to distrust their own power and inner guidance. All too often, disempowered by being taught to be afraid of the unknown, the irony being it’s all known to us all, on that deeper level. But it can take courage to trust and to go to that deeper level. This is where a good teacher comes in, to help develop the trust and share the techniques for a positive and successful astral projection experience.

I see it as an ability, rather like being musical or creative, say. Some are naturally more gifted, while others need to learn the techniques and practise, practice, practice. And there is often as much unlearning as learning to do, of programming and thought processes that hinder the ability. We have to learn to get out of our own way, harness the ego and live by the heart space, our place of “knowingness”. It’s about developing different sensitivities and sensibilities.

Edgar Cayce had developed his own way of accessing the information he passed on for readings, and if you were to follow in his footsteps in astral exploration, you’d do the same, working your way uniquely into the Akashic records. Here, all the information is held the past, present and future. The probabilities, and the actualities. It’s all personal to us, because we read the information in a way that is meaningful to us. Learning the language of your subconscious mind, your dreams and your impressions when in a meditative state is a form of astral projection. The subconscious speaks to you in the form of stories, pictures and symbols, such as archetypes. When you learn to decipher what they mean to you personally, you are on your way to a deeper understanding. The subconscious is quirky, and often humorous. Think of your dreams, how often they can be random and amusing.

You are the Star

While Edgar Cayce didn’t coin the term Akashic, he did bring into the awareness of the Western world. Akashi is derived from Sanskrit, the ancient Hebrew language of the East. It means boundless space and comes from a time, way back, when connecting with the Akashic was common place spiritual practise, in the east.

Essentially, the huge universal database of all potential information, written in every language, is waiting for you to discover and explore it.

Remember, you’ve probably been programmed during childhood and your life, to fear the unknown. Fear is the great barrier to human growth, yet we are surrounded by information that limits our true capabilities and have been somewhat organised into a fearful state by our human and societal systems.

Yet, by setting your understanding at a new idea, one of exploration and openness to new dimensions and learnings, already your mind is beginning to open up to the myriad of possibilities that are available to you.

It is as if we have been taught that the star is somewhere out there, far away and out of reach. But, in truth, the star is within you. You are fashioned from the very same elements, you don’t need anything external to make the journey, apart perhaps from some guidance in technique for developing and expanding your conscious awareness.

The most common way to go within for the astral journey is via meditation. Remember it’s a purely perceptual reality, so nothing there can harm you. It’s a very interesting experience, and a very beneficial one, on both psychological and physiological levels. Fear is a hurdle that almost everyone has to overcome in life and in astral travel, it’s particularly likely for many people to experience fear at the point of vibrational resonance that propels consciousness out of your body. There is no chance you can get stuck in the astral plane, you WILL return to your body (unless you were to have a heart attack, for example, which would be unrelated to the astral experience).

There is a saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Once you’ve mastered fear in life, anything is possible and that is a truly great place from which to experience all of life. But really this is just talk until you face and overcome the feelings of fear. And fear has a habit of returning; just when you think you’ve faced it and you’re good to go, it comes back, the same lesson, cleverly disguised in another outfit, just to make sure you’ve covered all angles. When you keep working through it, in its various shapes, colours and sizes, you’ll come to a point where it will disappear from your life because you’ll have expanded and learned enough that you won’t need the experience.

But Edgar Cayce will tell you, it’s all part of your journey. It is written. But dig deep enough in those pockets and you?ll find the key to transcend into another reality, beyond your wildest dreams.

Happy exploring, safe in the knowledge that wherever you find yourself, it?s where you are meant to be.