You can create your own astral projection experiences

I had a recent comment posted on one of my guided YouTube videos, where someone asked about the importance of calling in guides for protection at the start of an astral projection session…

Unfortunately, someone else replied to the comment before I had a chance to reply… They basically said…

“This may sound dumb, but if your an avid astral projector be careful because there are ominous entities that can notice you, so maybe skip the part about asking in protectors, because it seems to be an open mic. For inviting anything in…”

As you can imagine, this kind of nonsense is the Red Flag to my inner Taurus Bull. When I hear stuff like this, my nostrils flare, and as usual, I’m jumping in the spiritual ring of fire. “I’m like, “Seriously? How about promoting the idea of attracting loving entities?” Because the idea that we’re attracting demons like succubus and incubus and other evil beings in the astral just by asking for help and protection is not only silly, it teaches that we’re powerless and that my friends – makes it a very toxic belief. And toxic beliefs have no place on my channel.

Believing we have no control over the experiences in life, is the BIGGEST reason most of us feel so bad all the time. It’s the belief at the core of why we give our power away, and at the root of how we attract those who are happy to take it… trust me, if you don’t want your power, there are plenty of people out there who do, never mind astral beings. It’s also completely untrue.

People standing up for themselves in small groups is historically the only thing that has changed the world. The only people who want you to believe that you are powerless in the face of evil are the people who are getting something out of you feeling dis-empowered by evil. Simple as that.

The idea that the astral is just a bad place, goes against all the good spiritual teachings around the law of attraction and the law of illusion. The earth is an illusion and so is the astral. The problem is when you start seeing illusions as truths. It promotes a victim mentality. Basically, as far as I’m concerned, it’s ignorance masqueraded as spiritual truth, because blaming astral projection for bad experiences, is like blaming the sun for not shining when in reality, you’re covering your eyes with your own hands.

These conversations are about our emotional and spiritual relationship with the multiverse. They’re full of insights about how your multi-dimensionality affects your everyday life, your relationships, health, friendships and career choices. It’s for people who practise astral projection in the every day, for those who want to talk about the intricacies of their multidimensional double lives and selves. About how this practice enriches and compliments your understanding and relationship to your dysfunctional family, awkward bosses, spiritual gurus, and judgy friends. It’s about the art of dancing with a foot in both universes.

This stuff is not for people who want the mathematical intricacies of the multiverse or scientific proof of an afterlife. My work and astral experiences may make you feel awkward, but you will never be bored. It’s also not for people who don’t want to do the work, or who don’t know how to take responsibility for themselves and their manifestations.

When we’re metaphorically covering our eyes and complaining the sun isn’t shining, this is what’s classically called denial. When we’re in denial of the real reasons why we have bad astral projection experiences, it’s no different to being in denial of the causes of the bad experiences in our waking lives. When we are unconscious on the earth, we are unconscious on the astral too.

This is why astral projection has to be taught in a very holistic way because what applies in your waking life, applies to these other planes of existence. If you lack discipline here, you will lack it on the astral. If you lack integrity here, guess what… you’ll find lack of integrity in the astral too.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens on the astral – literally ripples through the multiverse, baby.

Ultimately, whatever happens, and wherever you are in the world or the multiverse, it’s based on your own internal vibrational energy, which is basically created… by you. Pure and simple. The energy bar is set based on your own thoughts, feelings, experiences and your actions.


So if you’re blaming the astral for your bad experiences, ask yourself:

  1. What is the cost of ignoring the real reasons for psychic attacks and bad astral projection experiences?
  2. What was your first experience of evil? Was TV, family members, other children, books?
  3. Where are you bypassing doing the inner work?
  4. Why are you afraid of your light? And how does believing in evil keep you from stepping out of the drama and into your deeper purpose?
  5. What happens in your life if you do nothing about your fear of evil?