Astral Projection for Beginners Webinar (this is a free online event)

Webinar – Jul 28, 2019 02:00 PM GMT (9am US EST, 6am US PST)

Astral Projection Beginners Workshop by Todd AcamesisA great spiritual revival is taking place in our world, and we all have a role to play. My role is to remind people that the most effective way to play their own roles in helping the world reclaim its spiritual heritage is to remember – you’re not exclusively of this world. Remembering you have an abundance of support available to you in the parallel spiritual realities of the astral planes as well as your soul group who incarnated with you on the earth plane, will make it easier for you to fulfil your mission and purpose in breaking the spell of spiritual amnesia that surrounds our world.

For those of you who would like to develop the skill to astral project, this FREE online Webinar will cover the blocks to astral projection and how to remove them…

For those of you who follow my work via my YouTube channel, you’re probably aware I no longer teach astral projection as a pure practice. For me, it has to be taught as a holistic system, because its not a reality in and of itself…on a deeper level of consciousness, all minds are joined. At my 9-day astral projection retreat workshops, people come to learn how to astral project, but it’s not always that simple, because we all have unacknowledged fears. Fears that can block us on an unconscious level from applying the knowledge we’re eager to learn.

This Webinar will also cover a new astral projection system I developed, which uses a special breathing and mantra exercise, followed by a unique visualisation.

If you follow my advice to the letter, you will achieve results. The only reason people don’t get results is that they’re not being intentional enough during their astral projection practice session. As I will teach during this Webinar, the intent is not enough on its own. Intent is only motive. Being intentional means pro-actively using working memory to use mantras, visualisation, build energy, etc, while in an altered state, to achieve your astral projection goals.

I’m now totally convinced energy levels and working memory within an altered state, and unacknowledged fear, are the only things stopping EVERYONE from waking up to their multidimensional heritage. Shifting from the earth plane upon sleep and making jumps to the great Astral cities. Environments which have endured as form-based realities for billions of years longer than the “outer” layer of reality, which we temporarily inhabit as physical-matter beings.

There is a real comfort in having these off-world experiences, knowing humanity extends well beyond the veil of our blue-green water world…

The astral is a great nebula of human, and non-human, colonies. With communities dotted across what seems an endless multidimensional expanse; from the great Astral Mega Cities in the “interior” with populations 10 times larger than the biggest cities here on earth, to small far flung frontier settlements on the fringes of an even wider field of consciousness.

If you’re ready to explore, book your seat on this free online Webinar…