Why Am I so Drawn to Astral Projection?

So you might have asked yourself the question… “why am I so draw to astral projection?”

Why do I feel such a strong desire to have these experiences?

I’ve felt the same way my entire life. Its like the homing ability found in the natural world…

The homing instinct that we all have for our spiritual homes, is just like animals who migrate away from their home territories. We too have a natural ability for finding our way home… a special quality that detects these subtle signals that call us home to the spirit world through astral projection, where the amnesia surrounding our mission and purpose for incarnating are removed through the very act of travelling to our home territories on other worlds.

There’s no doubt in my mind the-earth-life-system as the great Robert Monroe called it, is a school for developing souls. Nevertheless, there is only a fraction of our overall soul energies that incarnate into the earth school. Most of our essence is out there, and its the THERE that calls to us to come home for a visit.

Visiting Your Spiritual Home

Visiting home does not have to be a distraction for our earthbound lives, nor does it make us less grounded than those who don’t feel the calling for home. In fact, when people ask me, “what’s the biggest everyday benefit I’ve experienced from my out-of-body exploration practice?” My answer is always the same… “I feel more grounded and alive in my waking life.”

I say this because – I feel by consciously strengthening the connection between my physical body and my astral body, the more I feel the energy of Who and What I Really Am cutting deep into this level of reality, making me feel like I belong here. And this is not a projection, its a profound feeling of groundedness that comes from deep within.

And lets be honest…

Most people don’t have the talent or skill to astral project everyday, but being able to astral project even if only once a month, can make a huge difference to our spiritual health, which is why I relate astral projection for the average person to pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a journey or search of personal significance. Its a meaningful journey to a sacred place that is an embodiment of your spiritual beliefs and faith. For these reasons, its only natural that the Astral Planes should act as a focal point for our spiritual pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage to the astral planes provides the opportunity to take a break from the drama and busyness of your everyday life, to take a timeout to recharge your spiritual energies and powers, to take a moment for being rather than doing.

A Tool For Spiritual Pilgrimage

Astral projection is a tool for being able to make that spiritual pilgrimage to renew our spiritual faith in why we came here, because we all came here for a reason. But sometimes we need to have the amnesia lifted away to refresh our faith around purpose… and in travelling, in the act of travelling, that energy of amnesia can be lifted away and we can remember our mission.

Pilgrimages are also taken when we’ve come to a standstill or crossroads in everyday life… when you undergo a great change at work or in your personal life, a pilgrimage allows you to connect to something bigger and seek a new direction and purpose… the act of travelling can change you in ways that inspire you to let go of the old and allow in the new.

Spiritual Pilgrimage Takes You Out of Loneliness and Isolation

Undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage to the astral planes is not about escaping from your problems, but a means for rediscovering what really matters. It gives you the chance to re-energise mentally, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually… and demonstrates first hand the loving support available to you on the spiritual dimensions, which strengthens your resolve in being a guiding light in your everyday waking life here on earth.

Visiting Your Spiritual Home on the Astral

Once you learn to consciously initiate out-of-body experiences, you can trust your astral body will show you the way home – whenever you feel the need take a timeout to recharge your spirit.

Like marine animals that learn to recognise the unique magnetic field of their home region, your astral body imprints on the unique energy field of your astral home.

Astral projection is a great gift and your birthright as a multidimensional being.

Letting Go of Shame Around Astral Projection

So if anyone talks down to you about your astral projection practice… you know, the judgy mcjudgers who say dumb stuff like, “we’re meant to be fully present in the here and now” and all type of astral projection criticism… you can remind them that you don’t lay around on your sofa all day long, zipping off to exotic astral locals… but that you practice in the early hours of the morning. Most likely while they’re still fast asleep and oblivious to existence, including the here and now…”

And if they’re really hardcore judgy mcjudgers, and even ask is Astral Projection real?, you tell them from me that when they’re judging you, they’re no longer on a spiritual path, because there’s nothing loving about an overly critical point of view… so maybe instead of monitoring other people’s spiritual growth, I suggest you focus on doing the inner work around your own insecurities that makes you think its ok to masquerade your opinions as spiritual truth!

Maybe even tell them to take some advice from author of the book, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho…

“The warrior who trusts his path doesn’t need to prove the other is wrong.”

Spiritual practices are about growing up spiritually… there’s nothing grown up about judging others for having a different experience of life than yours!

Astral Projection as a Tool for Transcending Fear and Spiritual Growth

I find spiritual growth happens when our consciousness is transformed, when we choose to transcend fear. This is not something exclusive to the physical plane.

I would agree that we choose to experience a certain type of spiritual development on the earth plane, but its not the only plane of existence where we evolve our consciousness.

Also, I find out-of-body experiences are a natural experience for multidimensional beings. This skill is considered to be second nature on worlds where higher consciousness is the norm. Our world is not exactly a shining example of higher consciousness.

Piercing the Veil between Worlds

The out-of-body state offers a budding consciousness the opportunity to pierce the veil between worlds, which is part of the natural reawakening process. Spiritual amnesia is not supposed to be an effect of a lifetime.

Physical incarnation, or what I like to call, the in-body-experience, is for practising presence in the hear and now of the earth plane. Out-of-body experiences are for practising presence in the eternal now during sleep. Both states offer spiritual advancement.

There’s also the case that at some point you wake up to remembering you’re part of something bigger. Integrating that awareness into everyday waking life means, you can navigate physical reality with the peace that comes from knowing – you’re more than your physical body.

But put simply, you do not have to justify your desire to astral project to anyone. No more than you need to justify your need to breathe.

Astral Projection and Ascension

Our instinct to visit our spiritual homes on other worlds is part of our personal reawakening plans.

We’re all on a journey of ascension…

Its just that part of your journey of ascension is refreshing your memory of home through astral projection, making it real, so you can better play your roll as a light worker here.

That is a very worthy ascension plan!

We’re All In This Together

But ultimately, if what I’m saying only makes sense to you, it doesn’t matter if anyone else gets it…

I get how much it hurts when friends and family look down on us, but hey… you and me… we’re in this together, so forget what I said earlier about you not knowing me and that I’m just some dude you found online… you’re not here by accident… the Universe brought you here for a reason.

So be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and comment below, so we can lovingly support one another.

Oh and one last thing…

Age is not a barrier to astral projection, so whether you’re 10 or 110, you have an essence inside you that transcends age.