9 Day Astral Projection Workshop

May 2nd – 10th, 2020

The Most Advanced Astral Travel Workshop in the World for Beginners!

Hosted by OBE Teacher Todd Acamesis

Out-of-Body Experiences, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Supernatural and Paranormal Activity, Channelling, Deep Meditation, Energy Work, Manifestation and Reality Creation…

Whether you’re an absolute beginner at Astral Projection or a more experienced explorer, this 9-day intensive will give you all the necessary knowledge and tools you need for accessing your astral body, the Astral Planes, and the answers to your biggest questions about reality.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
Mark Twain.

Astral travelling to other worlds has definitely made me a better human being, so rest assured – any alien invasions that might take place here on earth – are NOT my fault lol, because I was out of town that weekend 😉
Seriously though, if you’re due a vacation this year, why not maximise your frequent flier miles by travelling to infinity and beyond at my next 9-day astral projection workshop. Check out my “holiday” snaps from last years event below. if it appeals, check out the 3 workshop dates I’ve lined up.


Whether you’re travelling from the USA, UK, Europe or other parts of the world, getting to OBE France couldn’t be easier. Although the workshop takes place in France, the nearest international airport to the retreat venue is Barcelona airport in Spain. As such, we’ve organised a private coach service to transport you and your fellow workshop participants from a designated meeting point at the airport, to the retreat venue…the coach will then drop you back to Barcelona airport on the final day of the workshop. Easy!